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A straightforward approach to precision farming is needed to take advantage of the technology and information in the agriculture market today. Ag InSite is meant to make our customers more profitable by determining how to best manage the variable growing conditions on the farm.

Improving your bottom line will not just result from a reduction in inputs but by maximizing yields resulting from placing the right inputs in the right spot, the right amount, and at the right time.

Meherrin’s approach to Precision Agriculture is meant to be an interactive process where we partner with growers to find the right solutions for every acre. Long-term, consistent data are needed to maximize Precision Agriculture contributions to profitability. Ag InSite is built to put your data in the right spot for access by our Ag InSite team as well as the grower.

Contact an Ag InSite Specialist at your local Meherrin location to get the help we can provide.

Our service packages are summarized below. Contact an Ag InSite specialist at your local Meherrin location to get more details about our packages and à la carte options.


Getting a clear picture of fertility in your field through zone soil sampling and VR Lime & Fertilizer.


Focusing on your capability to increase profit through VR Seeding and Multi-hybrid Seeding.


Realizing a vision of improved return on investment by examining past yield history and making the most informed decisions possible.


  • Yields equal to or better than the RR2Y and weed control was very good.

    Scott James Plymouth, NC
  • I have been extremely pleased with these LL soybeans for yield and weed control. I will definitely plant the SH5912LL next year. They have been the highest yielding beans on my farm this year.

    David Barrett Farm Manager for Ransom Farms
  • I averaged 78.5 bu/a on a 35 acre farm with Liberty Link soybeans. I planted Roundup Ready soybeans on the same land and they had a substantially lower yield. I look forward to planting more next year.

    Chris LeFever Plymouth, NC
  • Yields equal to or better than the RR2Y and weed control was very good.

    Freddie Spencer Creswell, NC
  • This crop of soybeans was the best I have ever planted for yield potential. Standability was excellent.

    M&W Farms Suffolk, VA
  • Second year planting SH5912LL behind wheat. Average around 66 bushels per acre. Will plant again next year along with Maximize Xtreme seed treatment.

    Paul Hawkins Bishopville, SC
  • LL beans sure don't seem to have any yield drag over RR.

    Greg Jenkins Gloucester, VA
  • Extremely pleased with my 50 bushels/acre Southern Harvest Liberty Link soybeans especially considering the dry weather early and wet weather late.

    Davis White Jr.
  • Averaged over 50 bushels on 120 acres. Controlled my palmer problem without having any yield drag vs. roundup ready soybeans.

    Thomas Martin Astro Farms, Clarksville, V
  • Wish the weather had been better, will plant more Liberty Link soybeans this coming year. Excellent weed control and happy with performance.

    Tilman Smith
  • Very pleased with SH 5915 LL with the weather we had -- hot and dry most of the season and then a lot of rain at the end of the growing season.

    Brian Cain
  • Extremely pleased with my 78 bu/a Liberty Link soybeans for yield and weed control.

    Mike Harris Pantego, NC
  • Simple fact of the matter -- Southern Harvest 6215 LL soybeans were my top yielder!

    Chris Braddy

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