About Meherrin

About Meherrin AG

Introducing Meherrin AG

We’re a family-run business across 8 states that supports farmers to produce millions of acres of high-quality, high-yield corn, peanuts, soybeans, and wheat.

65 years of partnering with generations of farmers

Between all of our companies at Meherrin, we’re a farm to table business. Founded in 1958, we continue to operate a a family business with a simple philosophy:

Be big enough to serve and small enough to care.

Our Story: About Meherrin

Over the Years



  • The Barnes family began farming peanuts in 1917 in northeastern North Carolina

The First Company

  • After World War II, George Dallas Barnes joined 3 other families to start a peanut company working directly with American peanut farmers, known as Severn Peanut Company

Meherrin AG Formed

  • Meherrin Agricultural and Chemical Company was formed to provide products and services to farmers in the Southeastern United States

Peanut Expansion

  • Hampton Farms was founded to complete the circle of farm to table services. Hampton Farms roasts, packs, and markets finished peanut products direct to customers
Next Generation

  • Mutt Barnes’ son, Dallas Barnes took over leadership of Severn Peanut and Meherrin Agricultural and Chemical Company.

Southwestern Expansion

  • Severn Peanut company expands into the Southwest with plant in Portales, New Mexico

Southern Gain

  • Meherrin establishes an Agricultural retail presence in South Carolina

Southern Gain

  • Meherrin Agricultural & Chemical Company made a significant purchase expanding their retail presence in GA

Grain Expansion

  • Meherrin Agricultural & Chemical Company expanded into grain services through the purchase of several grain buying facilities in NC and VA

Retail Expansion

  • GA business continues growth with acquisition of Barber Fertilizer in Bainbridge, GA

Fertilizer Expansion

  • Halifax Fertilizer is acquired and becomes a part of newly formed Tri-Link fertilizer offering custom made bag fertilize

of farmers who trust Meherrin products and services for their farms

of acres of crop our farmers produce annually with our products

of employees at Meherrin that make what we do possible across 8 states


We’re committed to agriculture, growth and our community.

This means we focus on doing what’s right for the customer, creating high-end, highly tested products we’d use on our own farms, employing skilled employees that understand farming and crop yield and delivering top-notch customer service along the way.

The most sophisticated crop plans are only as good as their field by field fertility. That’s why we offer custom soil testing analysis, make fertility recommendations and apply our fertilizer with the latest model of equipment on fields. 

David Barrett
Farm Manager for Ransom Farms

Yields equal to or better than the RR2Y and weed control was very good.

Scott James
Plymouth, NC

Simple fact of the matter — Southern Harvest 6215 LL soybeans were my top yielder!

Chris Braddy

Extremely pleased with my 50 bushels/acre Southern Harvest Liberty Link soybeans especially considering the dry weather early and wet weather late.

Davis White Jr.

I averaged 78.5 bu/a on a 35 acre farm with Liberty Link soybeans. I planted Roundup Ready soybeans on the same land and they had a substantially lower yield. I look forward to planting more next year.

Chris LeFever
Plymouth, NC

This crop of soybeans was the best I have ever planted for yield potential. Standability was excellent.

M&W Farms
Suffolk, VA

Averaged over 50 bushels on 120 acres. Controlled my palmer problem without having any yield drag vs. roundup ready soybeans.

Thomas Martin
Astro Farms, Clarksville, VA


Our local non-profit and fundraisers support local families.

In 2017 we saw an opportunity to give back to our local community and surrounding areas after Hurricane Florence. Meherrin On Mission was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, and is solely focused on seeing the lives of people impacted through the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. MOM will serve in three areas: mission projects, disaster relief and educational scholarships.

Meherrin On Mission Mission Projects

Mission Projects

disaster relief

Meherrin On Mission Scholarships


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